76 Days of Summer


This is my final semester taking classes at Auburn University. I’ll spend the fall semester interning somewhere exciting. Then I’ll graduate. That being said, this is my final real summer. And I refuse to grow bored or waste my precious moments of freedom. So I’m challenging myself.

You see, I’m a bit of a movie enthusiast. But there are so many magnificent movies out there that I’ve never seen. And a few crappy ones that I want to see anyway. So this summer I’m watching them. I’m in the midst of compiling a list of 250 movies I’ve never seen before. Tonight I kicked off my challenge with Moulin Rouge. I’ve never seen it before and I must admit, it’s pretty freaking wonderful!

Now, I caution you, I’m not much of a movie critic. And this isn’t so much about critiquing movies as it is about me writing and keeping myself busy and watching movies that inspire me. There are only 76 days in my last summer and I intend on loving all of those days. So I’ll make sure I’m doing things I love; writing and watching movies.

Check back soon for the complete list and other projects for this summer!

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