Random Observation


If childhood is anticipation to be able to do whatever you want, then adulthood is the realization that this will never happen.

My best friend got her first real job. This is so exciting because we’re following our life plans and our dreams and that’s just amazing. But it’s very frustrating for her because she’s working in a small town and she’s in a position that puts her in the public eye which means her every move will be watched. Which sucks because we’ve spent our whole lives anticipating being able to do what we want when we want and we’ve come to the startling realization that this will probably never happen.

The thing about it that I’ve found most shocking is that I don’t even mind all that much. My dreams mean the world to me. They are what motivate me. They are what make my struggles and sacrifices worth it. And because of this, I don’t mind one bit acknowledging my limitations if it means my dreams are within reach.