In All Honesty


Okay guys, truth time.

This semester is becoming significantly more stressful than I had originally planned. The good news is, that ends on June 19th. So that’s nice. But the bad news is, until then, I’m afraid the movie watching is going to be kept at a minimum.

However, fret not my friends, because as soon as the semester is over, my only purpose in life will be watching movies. Okay. That’s not true. But I’ll have loads more time to watch movies and blog about it. So be excited.

This does mean that I may not make my original deadline. But as this is a project of my own creation, I can change the deadline if I so desire. And I desire. So I’m extending my deadline to the official end of summer. As in, the Autumn Equinox which is September 22. I’m pretty sure I can make that deadline with ease.

So thanks for keeping up with me, if you are. And thanks for reading. And thanks for being you because you are awesome. Don’t forget that. And enjoy your summer. I know I will. 

Movie List


This is the list of movies I’ll be watching this summer. I’ll try and keep it as updated as possible. Feel free to make recommendations! They are in no particular order and I’m not watching them in this order.

  1. Moulin Rouge!
  2. Accepted
  3. Anna Karinina
  4. Django Unchained
  5. Beastes of a Southern Wild Continue reading